TP Cats Enamel Pin

$9.00 CAD - $14.00 CAD

Wondering who stole all the toilet paper during the pandemic? WELP.... I believe we found the culprits.

- 1.5" inches
- 2 rubber backings
- Silver plating
- backing card
- back stamp


⁂ Pin Grades ⁂

Standard - no noticeable flaws, I would say they are perfect (but nothing is perfect) ♥ :)
B+ Grade - light un-noticeable scratches
B Grade - may have colour speckles, noticeable scratches
SECONDS - (will have noticeable flaws) May have wrong colour fills, unfilled areas, colour blemishes, tarnish metal

*** FOR MORE CLEARER IDEA OF PIN GRADES*** please see my instagram highlights "Pin Grade" @itsdilful