TP CATS - "Wipe Gently" Keychain

$6.50 CAD - $12.00 CAD

THE TP CATS Embroidered Keychains are finally HERE!!

Despite 2020 being horrendous, I created a little cute and funny design out of it. TP CATS! Featuring Tiny Pearls AKA. TP & accomplice PP
Together TP & PP, will gather all the toilet paper for you during this pandemic.

Front says: "Wipe Gently", Back say: "In Case Of Emergency"

If you thought correctly... YES! Hahahs please use this keychain for wiping purposes, in case you run out of toilet paper. Hope you love this light hearted funny design! Stay Safe!! :D

**A few (B grade) keychains available. B grade keychains are still so lovable but may have miss threading or wrong colour threading in a small area.**

Roughly (13cm x 3.5cm) in size